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Onboaring everyone to WEB3 

Varchas - The Web3 Venture, and a platform to LEARNBUIDL, RAISE, INVEST and EARN at the same time !


Key Features

Web3 Venture

Web3 Venture by Varchas is the first venture capital firm that offers a marketplace where users can not only invest in projects but also get profit from them. We are building a portal for raising fund and investing in web3 projects using NFT's on Shardeum network.

Web3 Academy

Web3 College is an initiative of Varchas. The project aims to provide free educational content, in the form of video courses, on emerging technology i.e Web3. We are providing a curated and structured learning path so that learners can get started with these technologies in a very quick time frame and then build upon their knowledge over time.

Web3 Grants

Web3 Grants by Varchas is a platform that aims to support projects developing applications for the web3 ecosystem and in doing so, add value to the community. We do this by providing grants using crowdfunding techniques which will be beneficial to both the project and the community members participating in the crowdfunding.

Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...


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